Berlin, October 2014

I’ve never been much of a Holiday person; I get twitchy quite quickly and don’t like to sit around relaxing for too long. But as I’ve gradually come to realise, all be it a bit late in life, holidays don’t have to be about lying around on a beach, they can be an adventure and an experience.

With that thought in mind I booked myself on a trip to Berlin. Thankfully their transport system is great; they speak English more than we speak German and the food is good enough even for my picky tastes. As a keen reader I had read about the Second World War, especially the push by the Russians into Berlin and had a real interest in seeing the actual places where it happened.

I joined in a few walking tours of the city and it really expanded my knowledge of the Berlin Wall and the East West divide, a fascinating subject that I want to learn more about.

Overall Berlin is a fantastic place and I would definitely go back again.

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