Dunnet Head, June 2015

Herring gull in flight at dunnet head

I was in the area and decided to visit Dunnet Head to check out the wildlife. I’d read there were Puffins, which was good enough for me, I mean who doesn’t love Puffins?

Dunnet Head is about as far north as you can go on the mainland. Its vertical cliffs overlook huge waves crashing over rocky outcrops. There’s a small viewing area next to the lighthouse, but I felt going out along the cliffs would give me a better view. Be warned though, whilst you can go off and explore the areas above the cliffs the ground is very soft and unstable especially around the cliff edges.



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  1. Such beautiful photos Ben, lovely tones – I’m glad I found you on a Google search! I was at Dunnet Head a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately I didn’t see any puffins, just plucky gulls trying to land on the cliffs in a very blustery wind!

    1. Post

      Thank you. I think I was lucky with the weather and the time of year, its a lovely place and I was pretty much the only person up there.

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