Lightroom 5

I’ve upgraded to Lightroom 5. I had Lightroom 4 and to be honest was quite happy with it. I had heard about a number of glitches that the early releases had, and considering version 4 did pretty much everything I wanted, I didn’t feel a burning desire to send Adobe any more of my hard earned cash.

But Then Adobe decided to drop the price of the full licence to little more than that of the upgrade price (for a limited time only). So I jumped in and bought the full version, rather than upgrade my existing version. It means I can still use version 4 on another computer or laptop should I be out and about. I quite fancy doing some tethered shooting on location at some point.

I’m still to really get in and have a play with it, but I am looking forward to using the perspective correction, advanced healing brush features and radial gradient tools. I’m not too fussed about the book and location tools, but its no bad thing them being there, should I ever feel like trying something new.

On a plus note, the installation didn’t mess up my version 4 catalogue and all the free presets I had collected are still there along with the NIK plug ins I use.

All in all not to shabby.



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